We’re where we’re

Asheville, North Carolina to be exact. An ancient and beautiful place, inside and out. A place where we find ourselves on a path of positive growth. A process always enriched and often humbled by the community of gifted, heart-centered humans all around us. For this, we are grateful.


Funny to look at how it happened. A string of seemingly random stepping stones seen from above reveal Li symmetries – fingerprint patterns of time’s hidden hands.


We’re two brothers, born two years apart, flanked by two sisters all born at home. Our two gardening angel parents gave no-such-thing-as-too-much-free-range to explore the big bang, beyond and back before midnight. And we’re grateful.


We grew up in the sunshine state of mind. Reflected one another through grade-A school and into college in the same town. We held one another closely until experience shouldgested that this life-long nearness might best balance with far-and-wide space travel. What followed was a coast-to-coast division necessary to learn how we may truly respect one anothers individuality. Time and space lead by example. And we’re grateful.


4 years pass and our paths form parallelograms. Two brothers, too comfortable. Thought sits backseat as we leave our respective coasts for something closer to home. Through process and material, our pattern takes a new shape.


And finally, at a time when each today proves to be more ripe with the fruits of opportunity than the last, you receive this strange postcard. Announcing a mission as thus: to harvest and share these daily fruits with community, friends and heck, everybuddy. This is where we’re. Let’s go from here.


Is the universe conspiring to shower all of us with gifts? May we see by opening our eyes, receiving what we need and giving what we can.


In a gestural dance of ecstatic gratitude,
May your today be filled with
blossoms & blissters,

The YonderdaY