We're the Yonderday Family.

We're currently building a home for our projects to live in permanently.
Until then, we’ve gathered some recent work for you.
See below :)


Branding from the ground up of this highly sustainable outdoor apparel company.

Pisgah Banjo Co.

Locally-sourced, Hardwood, Open-back Branding. Complete with a logo carrying case
and the longest website on this side of the Mississippi. Check it out

The Mycelium School

Re-branding of the Mycelium School, Brand cards and slideshow animations for the webspace.


A collection of mythical she-beasts used in an internationally-based DIY embroidery kit.


Still Point Wellness

A new kind of spa experience. Visit the site


Relocality: Long to belong no longer

Branding, copywriting and user-experience design for this match-making site for homes.

Tumbleweed: Can a story move you?

Branding, copywriting and website design for experimental story-finding.
Visit the site to see the tumbleweed tumble!

Del Mar Pines

Check out this fully responsive site at delmarpines.com

Living Waters Aquaponics

Aquaponics to feed the fish to feed the plants to feed the future...Visit

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